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I created this page of resources so that you can easily see a list of recommended products I use and/or have researched and know to be valuable.  Hope this is helpful to you!




Real Life Money Plan.    Real Life Money Plan

Learn how to design a money plan that fits your life.  This affordable course from Jessi at will help you learn to set up a budget and crush debt.  Jessi teaches you how to know where every dollar is going.  Learn to control your money and not let it control you!  Real Life Money Plan is available for you here.





Grocery Budget Bootcamp.

Grocery Budget Bootcamp

If you feel like you’re spending too much money on groceries, check out this 8-week online course from Tiffany, over at, and learn how to cut your grocery budget. ¬†Be sure to get on the waiting list here and grab your free guide, Simple Ways to Save. ¬†Enrollment opens in September, January, and April. ¬†So if you think you might be interested, go ahead and at least join the waiting list and grab your freebie here!¬†


$5 Meal Plan.

$5 Meal Plan

I joined $5 Meal Plan for the convenience of meal plans and shopping lists sent directly to me, all for only $5/month.  Plus you get the first 2 weeks for free!  The meals are delicious, simple, and affordable.  Grab your free 2 weeks here.




Ebates Coupons and Cash BackEbates is an easy way to earn free money! ¬†Sign up for free at the Ebates website.¬† Here’s how it works: ¬†When you do your regular online shopping, Ebates actually pays you to shop through them. ¬†NO KIDDING! ¬†Simply go to the Ebates website, log in, and then click the store you would normally shop, such as Kohl’s, WalMart, Amazon, Macy’s, and tons more, and Ebates will pay you cash back to shop through them, at no extra cost to you. ¬†Plus, you receive $10 just for signing up here! ¬†I did some Christmas shopping on Amazon last year by clicking “Amazon” through Ebates, and they mailed me a check for $17. ¬†Be sure to start taking advantaging of this free money today!



Ibotta is a free app that pays you to scan your receipt ibottato your smartphone. ¬†Here’s how: ¬†go to the Ibotta website to register for free, download the app, select your rebates, go shop, scan your receipts, get paid! ¬†Plus you can get paid to refer your friends. ¬†Join today to claim your¬†$10 welcome bonus by signing up here.




Sign up for Swagbucks for free here, and earn points in various simple ways that you can redeem for merchandise or gifts cards (such as Amazon). ¬†For instance, you earn points just for doing your normal everyday internet searches. ¬†Simply sign up, then scroll to the bottom of the Swagbucks homepage and read “Ways to Earn”. ¬†Sign up with Swagbucks today, and start earning!


HP Instant Ink.

HP Instant Ink

Start saving money on printer ink with HP Instant Ink! ¬†You’ll be able to print all of your favorite printables in color at no extra cost. ¬†Refer a friend and both of you will receive one month free. ¬†You can read my blog post here to find out how HP Instant Ink works. ¬†After you decide if HP Instant Ink is for you, head over and sign up¬†here.




Homeschooling Your Preschooler eBook. 

This little treasure of a bookHomeschooling Your Preschooler¬†will help you to¬†homeschool your preschooler with confidence. ¬†Written by Elizabeth from, ¬†Homeschooling Your Preschooler includes topics such as knowing what to teach, finding great resources, getting organized, preparing lesson plans and activities, and even how to make it all work with siblings. ¬†Click here to head over to Elizabeth’s site to check it out!



Kids Cook Real Food eCourse.

Kids Cook Real Food

Give your children a gift that will last a lifetime!  Give them a cooking course.   This amazing online video course teaches kids 30 basic kitchen skills.  It includes up to 24 weeks of lessons, over 45 professionally produced videos, over 200 pages of PDFs, recipe books for kids, plus 3 skill levels to choose from.  Click here to find out more.




Educents is the place to shop for thousands of innovative, affordable educational products.  A valuable site for homeschoolers!  You can visit Educents by clicking here.



AbekaI loved Abeka for phonics during the early grades.  All 4 of my children learned to read with Abeka.  Even though I did not use most of their curriculum beyond the phonics, we did like the Abeka American Government and the Geography during the high school years.  You can visit their website here.



SonlightWe love Sonlight! ¬†Sonlight includes so much in their Instructor’s Guides that we had to pick and choose what to use. ¬†Some read-alouds and readers we skipped, but so many of our favorite read-alouds were included with Sonlight. ¬†My favorite years with Sonlight were the 2 years of American History during the elementary school years. ¬†So much fun! ¬†You can visit Sonlight here.


Beautiful Feet Books.

Beautiful Feet BooksI love Beautiful Feet Books!  They use literature to teach History.  The teacher guides are very enjoyable.  I found Beautiful Feet to be a very low-stress way to homeschool.  You can visit their website here.






Make Over Your Mornings 14-day eCourse.

Make Over Your Mornings

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed-out in the mornings, before your day even begins? ¬†Then you should try Crystal Paine’s life-changing eCourse called Make Over Your Mornings. ¬†I cannot recommend it highly enough! ¬†It’s only $17, and you can get free access to Day One of the course by clicking here!¬†



Make Over Your Evenings 14-day eCourse.

Make Over Your Evenings

In this course, instructor Crystal Paine teaches you how to maximize your evenings in order to create more success, order, and joy in your life.  Comes with videos, a workbook, daily projects, links, and resources to help you get the most out of the course.  You can get Day One for free by signing up here.


Make Over Your Year eCourse.

Make Over Your Year

Do you struggle with setting goals?  Or maybe you set goals but always seem to fail at following through?  Do you desire to make your ideas and dreams a reality?  Crystal Paine and her husband, Jesse, have created this 4-week course to give you hope and a step-by-step plan to help you on the road to achieving your dreams!  You can have a look here.






Blog by Number Course & eBook.

Blog by Number

I love the Blog by Number Course & eBook!  This is the most affordable blogging course at just $47, and Suzi is absolutely amazing.  Not only is she very good at the technical aspects of blogging, but she also loves her readers and is passionate about helping others find success in blogging.  She is super personable and very kind.  You will adore her!  I am a true fan and have found that anything she sells is high quality.  Highly recommended!  You can purchase Blog by Number here.



Building a Framework Course & eBook.

Building a Framework

This is another great blogging course & eBook for $97. ¬†Abby and Donny Lawson, (or I should say Abby and Donny Awesome!), from, teach blogging from A to Z in this very useful course. ¬†Includes 9 video modules, multiple tech trainings, a 30-page workbook, along with several amazing bonuses, including a private Facebook group. ¬†Between this course and the Blog by Number Course/eBook, you’ll be all set to confidently share your voice with the world. ¬†You can purchase Building a Framework here.




Elite Blog Academy.


If you would like to start a blog, I recommend first completing the Blog by Number Course and the Building a Framework course mentioned above. ¬†Those courses will enable you to set up with all the technical stuff your blog will need, plus they even go way beyond that. ¬†But when you are ready to take your blog to the next level and build a business, I highly recommend the best course available to do that. ¬†Elite Blog Academy (EBA) from Ruth Soukup of is a longer, more intense course that will likely take you 8 months to a year to complete. ¬†I am currently in the first half of Elite Blog Academy, and loving it! ¬†It is pricier than the other two ($797), but to me, that’s less than the cost of 2 courses at my local community college, which I feel is totally worth it. ¬†The EBA community of bloggers in the private Facebook group is priceless. ¬†There are truly some top-notch folks and some awesome blogs in EBA! ¬†Enrollment only opens once a year for EBA, so go get on the waiting list here.¬†



ConvertKitAfter much research and debate with myself, I started out with ConvertKit for my blog so that I would not have to switch over all my subscribers later on.  Created for bloggers by the awesome entrepreneur Nathan Barry, ConvertKit gets the job done in a way I really like, for the long term.  I pay $29/month for it.  If you are serious about blogging, and you can afford it, I think it is worth it.  You can sign up here.



Those are some of my recommendations.  I hope you found them helpful.  This page will be a work in progress, for sure.  As I write posts about more products that I truly believe in, I will be adding to the list!

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