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FREE Printable Budget Notebook: The Secret Strategy to Organize Your Money

Best Free Budget Notebook:  Get Your Money Under Control

Are you ready to organize your finances and gain control of your money? Grab my FREE Printable Budget Notebook at the bottom of this post and start your journey to financial freedom!

free printable budget notebook

When you hear the word “budget,” what is your first reaction?  Do you cringe?  Are you overwhelmed?  Confused?  If this describes you, I want to help you change that today.

Because if you can get your money under control using the tool of a free printable monthly budget notebook, you will be on your way to experiencing one of the greatest freedoms in life:  financial freedom!

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, “But I hate budgets!  I don’t even know where to start.  I’m too overwhelmed because my money is out of control and all over the place!”

If this is true, then the best thing to do is start today with baby steps.  To help you do that, sign up for your free printable Budget Notebook at the bottom of this post and you’ll also receive the password to the free Abundant Life Library of printables and resources.  If you need some simple steps to creating a budget, head over to this post Control Your Money: 5 Beginner Steps to a Simple Budget.

Want to see what’s inside the free Budget Notebook?  Let’s take a tour!

Free Printable Budget Notebook Tour

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An Attractive Cover

Some things in life are just better when you make them pretty.  I personally think it’s fun to add a little beauty wherever you can in life.  Plus it will make pulling out your Budget Notebook a little more enjoyable!

So let’s start with a simple touch of beauty to the cover of our monthly budget notebook.

2020 Budget Notebook



Bill Payment Checklist

The first page is a checklist to list each of your bills, the due date, and the amount of each.  Then there is a column for each of the remaining months in 2019:  October, November, and December.

Have you ever flat out forgotten to pay one of your bills?  If so, don’t feel bad.  Because we’ve all done it!

Let’s face it.  We’re all busy.  If you’re not keeping track of your bills in a budget binder of some kind, you are probably going to forget to pay a bill now and then.

But hey, I’ve got you covered!  Download the free budget notebook and keeping up with your bills will be SO much easier.  I promise!

It’s simple!  Just follow your list.  After you pay a bill, simply write the amount and check it off in the appropriate box.  You can open your notebook and see at a glance which bills have been paid and which ones still need to be paid for the month.


money planner free printables

Bill Payment Calendar

Having a calendar that shows all of your monthly bills/spending gives you a great visual overview of the entire month.  As busy moms, our minds are always so full trying to keep up with all the things going on in our family’s schedule.

It can get SO overwhelming!

But when you write down your bills on a paper calendar, it frees your mind and you can forget about it while you’re doing other things, like meal planning, volunteering at church, or attending your child’s ballgame.

Simply write each bill in the appropriate due date.  You will quickly be able to see a picture of the entire month with every due date.

And if you are very visual like me, using a calendar is a huge help in paying the bills on time.

money planner free printables

Monthly Budget 

This page is where you will list your monthly income as well as your giving, saving, fixed expenses, and variable expenses.  

Fixed expenses are just a fancy way to describe bills that stay about the same every month.  This will include things like:

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Utilities
  • Phone
  • TV/Internet
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Insurance
  • Debt Payments
  • Recurring Savings
  • Recurring Giving

Variable expenses describe expenses that can change every month, such as:

  • Groceries
  • Gasoline
  • Household
  • Personal Care
  • Clothing
  • Car maintenance
  • Entertainment

Included on this page of your budget notebook is a nifty little way to figure out if you have enough income to cover your expenses each month. There is also a section for notes that I hope you will find helpful.

If you need help filling out this page, you can head over and read my post 5 Beginner Steps to a Simple Budget over here.

November 2019 Monthly Budget

Expense Tracker

Do you currently know where all your money is going?  Or do you get to the end of a pay period and wonder where it all went?

The very best way to control your money is to track your spending on paper.  It’s true that spreadsheets can be an effective way to see an overall picture of your money.  But if you’re like me, tracking expenses out in cyberspace somewhere on a digital app often seems invisible.

Plus, we’re girls.  And girls of all ages love pens and paper.  Women go crazy over pretty paper planners!  And the physical act of writing something down seems to connect the brain in a way a computer cannot.

The next couple of pages of the budget notebook provides a space for you to conveniently track all of your expenses for the month.  I use these pages to keep up with every single expense.

One exception is when I use cash envelopes.   In that case, I just list the total amount I withdraw to place in the envelope.  Then I track the cash spent directly on the cash envelope.

For example, if I take out $75 for a cash envelope in a certain category, such as entertainment, I only subtract the $75 on the Expense Tracker sheet. Then I track the each expense from that category by writing it directly on the envelope.

If you haven’t been tracking your spending, don’t delay!  Download the budget notebook from the form below and start today!

money planner free printables

Notes Page

The notes page of the budget notebook can be used for many things.  I use this simple page to evaluate the month and to set goals for the following month.

When you use the Notes page, ask yourself questions such as these each month:

  • What things did I do this month with my budget that were successful?  (Keep doing those things!)
  • What areas of my budget could I change and improve?
  • Which bills could I shop around for a lower monthly payment?
  • What are some practical ways I could reduce my variable spending categories, such as groceries, gasoline, entertainment, etc.?
  • How can I come up with a little more money to pay off debt sooner?
  • Is there anything around the house that I could sell for extra money?
  • Is there a way I could work from home to earn extra income?

If you use your Notes page to answer questions such as these, you will be well on your way to reducing your spending and showing your money who the boss is!

money planner free printables

Motivation for Starting Your Budget Notebook

Sometimes I think people don’t take their money situation and their debt seriously enough.  After all, there are so many Americans in debt that it can seem almost “normal”.  But if your money is out of control and you’re in debt

Get motivated with this money book!

One of the best money books to get you started is The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  Honestly, it will give you a serious wake-up call to the importance of gaining control over your money.  Also, it will light your fire as you see the possibilities of financial freedom that are actually within your grasp.  Even if you don’t agree with all the things Dave Ramsey suggests, it is a great starting point.  After you’ve implemented a few of the strategies, you will be able to tweak it and make it your own.  I highly recommend The Total Money Makeover!

Learn to control your money.


If you can save up the money, I recommend investing in a simple course to help you get out of debt and get your money under control for good.

To do this, try Jessi Fearon’s excellent money course Real Life Money Plan.  Jessi has lots of great teaching videos in this course.  So if you learn well with video, definitely check it out.

Also, you can read this article from Kumiko Love to help you find a debt payoff strategy.


Keeping an organized Budget Notebook is your first and best strategy toward contolling your money.  Simple pages such as a bill payment checklist, a bill calender, and a monthly budget page will get you started on a successful budget.  An expense tracker will provide a way for you to take action and write down all of your spending.  A page for notes will help you capture your ideas for improvement in your journey to financial freedom.

Writing down your budget and expenses doesn’t have to be intimidating.  In fact, you’ll find that the opposite is true.  Organizing your money will actually begin to inspire and empower you to make improvements in your financial situation.

You will be starting your journey to financial freedom!


Get your Budget Notebook by filling out the form below.  You’ll also receive the password to the Abundant Life Library of Printables and Resources.

YOUR TURN:  Do you know where your money is going every month?  Is there room for improvement in your budget?  Do you currently keep a budget notebook?  What struggles do you have in gaining control over your money?  Share in the comments below!  

God’s blessings to you,





FREE Printable Budget Notebook: The Secret Strategy to Organize Your Money


Download your free printable budget notebook!

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